Why Use Contract Legal Services

Staff When You Need It
With the ever-changing economic challenges facing everyone, solo practitioners and firms are just trying to stay afloat.  Troubled at the prospect of additional overhead in hiring employees, investing in technological infrastructure, competing with the resources of larger firms, and always searching for additional ways to increase the bottom line, firms tend to accept the status quo because “it works.”  At Cumulus, we don’t accept the status quo.  We believe in growth, competition, and harnessing maximized efficiencies.  Our services will allow you to work harder, faster, and smarter, while increasing your workforce and simultaneously increasing your revenue stream.

Expert Consultants
Our experienced and efficient consultants will increase your bottom line by giving you more time to market, additional eyes for review and organization, overflow assistance, and efficient, technologically-driven and environmentally conscious file management.  Why waste paper and the costs associated with it, why have mountains of hard copies, including copies of the same document five to ten times, when you don’t have to?

Cumulus has tapped the resources provided by the exponential growth in technology and coupled it with efficient, experienced, and ethical legal assistance to perfect a virtual file system.  The legal market’s need for cost effective, reliable, assistance, not to mention the ever-increasing electronic filing and e-discovery requirements, has Cumulus perfectly positioned to help you and your firm succeed.  By using Cumulus, attorneys can now accomplish all these ends without the risks involved in increasing overhead and without the mountains of duplicative documents.

Flexible Payment Plans
As part of our unique blend of services and support, we’ve included flexible, customizable, payment schedules specifically established for your business.  For each file we assist you with, we determine the appropriate payment approach for you and your client, we then implement a successful plan to maximize your dollar and time throughout the duration of your case.